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The Stage Manager with Jane V Osborne


Every production, large and small, needs a great Stage Manager (SM). The SM keeps everything on stage and backstage running smoothly, keeps the cast and crew organized and safe, and solves thousands of problems as they arise. The SM’s job contribution to every production cannot be overestimated. It is an art, craft and skill. It is one of most important, interesting and least understood roles in the theatre. Learn the ropes about production prep, running rehearsals, blocking, calling shows, communicating with the director, technical director and designers. 

Oh, and learning how to have an awesome sense of humour definitely helps! 

Sunday, August 18th / 10am - 4pm 

The Avalon Studio: 738A Bant St.

$95 + HST


An Introduction to Acting with Chris Ralph

Whether you are serious about becoming an actor or simply wish to try something new and creative, you will find this course fun, social and rewarding! Discover the craft in a lively, fun and supportive atmosphere. Ideal for those with little or no acting experience, the course provides participants the opportunity explore acting in a fun & practical way. Everything from acting and auditioning techniques, scene study, improv and character development and the business of acting is covered. Whether you are serious about becoming an actor or simply wish to try something new and creative, you will find this course fun, social and rewarding. Improve your self-confidence, voice and presence while training with a professional acting coach! 

Mondays, September 9th - October 28th (No class Oct. 14th)

7:30PM - 8:30PM / 7-Week Class

$265 + HST


Acting Level 2 with Chris Ralph

Ready to take your acting to the next level? In this course, you will gain valuable tools to create imaginative characters and give amazing performances. As a professional actor and acting instructor, Chris Ralph has a deep knowledge and a passion for both the classic and the most up to date acting techniques.

Every week there will be a new exercise, tailored to meet a particular acting challenge. Acting 2 will give you the skills to ace any audition and help you navigate this business!

Thursdays, September 12th - October 24th

7:00PM - 9:00PM / 7-Week Class

$265 + HST


Stand Up Comedy with Heather Hurst

This writing and performing stand-up comedy course. It is most suitable for first-timers or anyone who wants to improve their public stage presence! I mean - who hasn’t wanted to try stand up at least once in their life! Bring pens, pencils, notepad and if possible, a sense of humour.

Learn how to write jokes for your stage persona – intro to character, structure and style. Learn how to use the stage – basic stagecraft and microphone technique. At the end of the course there is a non-obligatory opportunity to perform your new 4 minute set on stage for all of your friends and family! (We won’t make you do it - but we bet you will want to by the end of the course!)

Mondays, October 21st - December 2nd

7:00PM - 9:00PM / 7-Week Class

$265 + HST